It's not just a swimming pool, it's an Investment!

Central Florida Pool Keeper protects your investment with licensed professionals!

Our Weekly Service Plan Includes:

  • Extensive Water Quality Test
  • Addition of Chemicals Essential to Maintain Proper Water Chemistry
  • Inspection of Cleaning System, Hoses, Baskets, Filters, Valves, Plumbing, Electrical, Pumps, and Motors
  • Emptying Pump, Skimmer, Cleaner Baskets and Silt Bags
  • Net Surface, Thoroughly Brush Down Walls, Steps and Water Line, Vacuum As Needed
  • Clean Filter Elements (Backwash Filter As Needed)

We Will Take Care of All Your Swimming Pool Needs!

We have everything you need for your swimming pool...Solar Systems, Heat Pumps, Automation, Salt Systems, Gas Heaters, Pumps, L.E.D. Lighting, Automatic Pool Cleaners, Filters and Replacement Elements. Contact us for prices today.
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One Time Clean-Ups
Pressure Wash Deck & Screen Enclosure
Drain & Acid Wash
Pool & Deck Resurfacing
Repairs & Installation

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Pool School! We will educate you on all of your swimming pool equipment and what is required to properly maintain your swimming pool.  We will go over everything that you need to do on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. We will label equipment and plumbing valves for easy identification and troubleshoot any problems or concerns you may be having.  This usually takes about an hour, depending on the complexity of your pool equipment.  Contact us today to schedule your ‘Pool School’ appointment.

Our Pool Technicians are Certified National Swimming Pool Foundation Pool and Spa Operators, which means you receive the highest quality of service available.

Central Florida Pool Keeper is a Jack’s Magic Certified Stain Specialist.  This means we can identify, remove and prevent stains and discoloration from your swimming pool with the industry’s best products.

Your Satisfaction is our Reputation!

Central Florida Pool Keeper is committed to earning our reputation by our customer’s satisfaction.


Your service delivery has been impeccable and dependable. The pool is crystal clear and most important since I swim two miles a day, the pool is properly balanced; thus, the water is not harsh on me. Thank you for taking the stress of maintaining my pool off of me. Now I enjoy swimming without having to constantly call on pool problems Read More

-Michael Sheffey

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Weekly Maintenance

We specialize in weekly maintenance to keep your swimming pool healthy and clean! Proper chemical balance is important, not only for your health and swimming comfort, but also for the protection of your swimming pool finish and equipment.


New Pool Construction

It’s not just a swimming pool, it’s an investment! Some builder warranties require professional pool care maintenance for the protection of the swimming pool finish and equipment. Protect your new investment with licensed and experienced professionals.


Hire a Licensed Contractor

If you think you can't afford to hire a licensed can't afford not to.  Protect yourself and your investment.

Certified Swimming Pool & Spa Service Contractor CPC1458398

Workers' Compensation Coverage

$1,000,000 General Liability Coverage



Quick Tips

Good water clarity is the result of proper filtration, circulation and chemical treatment.

  • Test and balance pool chemicals weekly.
  • Keep filters clean and replace filter elements annually.
  • Allow system to run 10-12 hours during the summer months and 6-8 hours during the winter months, depending on the size of your swimming pool.
  • Maintain proper water level.  Halfway up the skimmer in-take is ideal to ensure the pool is circulating properly.  When the water level is too low this can cause the pump to lose prime, which will not allow proper circulation or filtration and can also damage equipment.

Be sure to wash off before swimming.  Body oils and lotions can cause “bathtub ring” around the pool tile and shorten the life of your filter element.


Why Central Florida Pool Keeper?

Protect Your Little Ones…

A clean and healthy pool is important to your family.  Properly balanced water provides a more enjoyable swimming experience for all pool/spa users.  When quality matters you can count on Central Florida Pool Keeper!

Properly balanced water creates an environment that optimizes the disinfection process.  It also protects from chemical corrosion and increases the life of the pool/spa finish and equipment.  Hire our Certified Pool and Spa Operators to best maintain your swimming pool and system.

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About Us

Central Florida Pool Keeper has been servicing the Central Florida area for the last 14 years with certified, licensed and insured pool professionals.  We are a family owned and operated business, committed to your satisfaction and providing you with the highest quality of service and products for all your swimming pool needs.

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